WHEW! I’ve been busy lately but I’m going to try to come back here more often. It makes my heart a bit sad that I’ve had this site for just nearly a year now and there’s only a little over a dozen entries. That’s about an entry per month… I have got to fix that. So, here I am!

  I said I’d talk more about things later in my last entry. I did mean to say something the next day, but I ended up having too much to do, and I am currently writing this while in the car on a roadtrip to the middle of nowhere, so, haha, I’m trying my best. Anyway, yes, things happening! So many things! Here we go.

  (Sorry if the entry from here on out is kinda dry, originally I was writing it the day before yesterday and I managed to wipe out all my progress. Up there is all that google saved from prev versions இ௰இ)

  To briefly recap the exposition vid (as well as the summary that I put on the homepage,) ohau is now a story quite literally about getting the band back together. A lot of the founding elements are still there, Dr. Dominique is still a major key in the story, probably now more than ever, but now where the story actually starts is in a position of where I’m actually comfortable phrasing the premise with it in mind! The idea for it was really unintentional, Toon and I weren’t even having an official discussion. It just kind of snowballed until… woosh! Now we have a band! It’s yet to be named, but they’re a rock band :-D I didn’t mention it in the video for the sake of linearity, but Beau was considered their honorary fifth member because he was a part of their whole friend group during college. The circumstances just made it so that he couldn’t play with them long-term or really integrate into the dynamic to begin with.

  I think it makes the story feel a lot more grounded and sincere. There’s a natural exposition that comes with Mel being brought into that whole dynamic as an outsider, both to the band and to the Resort as a whole. It also makes her interest in Beau a lot less… out of nowhere, I want to say. Priorities with the initial Big Mystery have shifted too. I hadn’t really thought about the implications of Clover going missing and then reappearing till very recently, because he and Mel have only officially been siblings for ¼ of ohau’s running years. The concept has been in place since day 1, pretty much, and it was always pretty low on the list of the story’s priorities. Not that it wasn’t significant, but it was a lot easier to brush off, since he was very much a side character in the grand scheme. I don’t think it fits Mel as a person to just be able to push past it and be happy that he’s back at all, especially with their circumstances, and the situation she was in when he disappeared. Pivoting the focus onto the question of what happened to him…? gives the narrative a much more focused goal, esp with Clover’s position within it in mind, rather than it just kind of meandering from catastrophe to catastrophe. I can’t elaborate on it too much, but essentially these are incredibly good changes. Genuinely really special for ohau’s prosperity in the long run. :-]


  She is four years old and she is so wonderful and I love her so much and I am so happy to have made her. :-D

  I am also thinking of starting a patreon! I don’t know if I really have enough of an audience for it yet. It’s something I’ve been trying to keep in mind nonetheless. I don’t want to very explicitly share ohau as it currently is, the full image of it, since it is very much a work in progress still, and a very scattered one at that, but I think I enjoy the idea of getting to share it in a setting where my work on it will be supported. I’m as good as self-employed and I’m working slowly towards being able to make my creative endeavors into my job. I’ll have to ask about it in my community tab sometime soon, but I have a handful of ideas for what I would share! I’ve been thinking about a patreon for a while anyhow, since much of my more passionate work (AMVs and the like) involves copyrighted music, and I’ve only just started monetizing my channel. Maybe it would be cool to offer WIP story bits and extensive lores and in-depth dissections on the things that I make… Again, I’ll have to ask about it, since I don’t know if I have the audience for it yet and I don’t know if anyone would actually be interested in that. Lots of thinking going on lately in general. Hopefully it’ll go in a good direction.

  Lastly I have been working on a short animation with Puppy and Sera, based on something small that I wrote! I won’t divulge too much on it, but I’m hoping it’ll be cool. I’m doing a lot of things with Blender that I’ve never done before, haha. The vid is gonna be just under 2 mins long and there won’t be a great deal going on, but I’m taking baby steps in this case I think. Depending on how it performs I might try to do more story-oriented, completely original videos in the future. The whole thing has just been really taxing even when it is so small and so very modest, haha. But I’m excited! I want to share the story more in the future. I want to see what you think of it

- Burns; I'm so nervous but I'm so excited. I really hope this will turn into something great down the line