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  HELLO I AM NOT DEAD. I have made a new entry! And I've made a Ko-fi! Which I've added the link to in my navigation tab! Planning to update the look of this site in the future (。・∀・)ノ゙


  OHAU IS 4 YEARS OLD TODAY !!! EVERYONE SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY OHAU !!! I've made an entry to celebrate the occasion :-) Huzzah !!!!


  I HAVE OFFICIALLY HAD THIS SITE FOR ONE YEAR ! WOOHOO ! Here's to more silley shenanigans ! :-D

  Edit: YESTERDAY WAS DOMI'S BDAY APPARENTLY...... sorry girlie i love you i prommy. I need to be more on top of all these dates.


  TODAY IS MEL'S BIRTHDAY I REALIZED SO LATE IN THE DAY. OMGLOB. She is 4 years old !! 🎉 Happy birthday Mel!


  Added the premise from the exposition vid to the homepage !! I really like it and I think it sums the initial story up really well :-D


  WOOHOO! Finally giving this place some TLC! I'm still working on the primary page itself, and I have some things to finish yet, but I wanted to have an update to put in this :-3 Since I don't really have a use for the story page I still wanted to use the css + html, because gosh it's so pretty, I'm really proud of it actually. Carpe diem and all that.


  Welcome to my little corner of the web! I'm Kyu, and this is where I talk sometimes about my silly little story. :-)

  OHAU was made on October 18th, 2019. It is my biggest passion project to date and I hope someday that I can write it into a book. As of 2023, it's been undergoing a major overhaul, and things are getting done now more than ever, so I've got a lot to talk about! Nothing here will be super explicit about the progression and the intricacies of what I'm working with, but it'll be like a makeshift diary to archive when things come up and my thought process surrounding the workflow (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ Unfortunately you won't be able to learn much about the story itself, but hey, you'll get to hear me talk a lot about how excited I am.

  Main Cast

Mel Faris

The Main protagonist :-)

Clay Potter

Protagonist! (curtosy of my friend Toon!)

Clover Faris


Beau Desjardins


Dr. Elmira "Doe" Dominique

The Main antagonist :-)


  Our Hearts Agape, Unfurling, is a story set on Earth, in a small town called Lindens somewhere in the state of Wyoming.
  It starts with Mel, a stout florist who’s lived and worked with her father in their flower shop for all her life. She’s bright-eyed, quick-witted, very strong, and has the laugh of a Western Meadowlark. Things have been hard over the years, but she’s pushing through no matter what. Sooner or later, in the face of recovering hardship, Mel’s best friend since childhood, Clay, calls her up to invite her to the reunion of her band. They’re playing for the grand opening of Lindens Resort, which is being unveiled on the far outskirts of town.
  It’s a whole get together of Clay and her friends. She’s known them since college, and Mel never got to meet them after Clay left town, so it’d be a nice way to catch up and to introduce her to the people she’s toured the continent with.
  The band consists of Sal, the lead singer; Rue, the guitarist; Randy, the drummer; and, of course, Clay, the bassist. Naturally, they’re all super excited to meet Mel, and they get along incredibly well, especially with Clay’s help. She even starts getting chummy with their honorary fifth member, Beau, who just so happens to be the manager of the establishment, and is so very wickedly enigmatic—even to his friends—in such a way that Mel cannot resist doing everything in her power to learn everything she can about him.
  However, when they least expect it, Mel and Clay find someone that they really need to have a reunion with. Clover is Mel’s older brother, and he’s been gone since before she was 16. He just disappeared one day; no note, no evidence, no nothing. Police couldn’t find him and any attempts to investigate went cold, or were otherwise stopped. He seems perfectly fine. Healthy, debatably happy, wearing nice clothes. He’s completely baffled to see Mel and Clay after so long, and he avoids most of their questions with the same dodginess as a cat having guests over.
  He is happy to see them, no doubt about it, but something seems amiss, and he won’t talk about where he’s been all these years. What happened to him, and why won’t he answer? Why is he here now, of all times? How did he disappear so young and come out of it so (seemingly) well off? Has someone been taking care of him? Did he just… happen to hit the jackpot? It doesn’t make sense, and Mel is rightfully upset that he won’t talk to her about it. She has to find out what happened whether it will come from Clover or not.