❀ Realization that has been living in my brain rent-free


  YO !! This was originally going to be something i slap onto my toyhouse in a bulletin but then I realized I could make this into an entry since it's related to my progress on ohau !! (ノω<。)ノ))☆.。furthermore my growth as a writer... whoa !!!!!

  this is just something that i have been thinking about a lot recently. totally shifted my perspective on how i want to tell ohau as a story when the time comes ... im making an entry about it bc im losing my mind HAHA

  i think the reason why i have a difficult time getting attached to stories, esp those that other folks like myself make, is because there's a distinct difference between a story that takes you in a few small steps at a time versus a story that is always talking about how enormous and grandiose it is while it's trying to immerse you in its world and characters . Someone brought the thought to me a while back that people aren't really able to immediately latch onto some indie stories because as a creator you have all the pieces, and you tend to forget in the midst of that that other people don't really have that, esp if they're totally new to what you make. You yourself know just how Big and Cool your story is, but folks who are new to it won't have that same context.

  Somethingsomthing... there's a distinct difference between introducing a story to someone step by step stemming from a simple, easy to understand premise, versus giving them about a hundred different bits and pieces that can mean next to nothing in the context they currently have. I think it makes a story really overwhelming and unwelcoming from the get-go, because trying to piece together all these (at face value) unrelated bits and pieces without any context or linearity to go by makes learning things more like a chore than a fun discovery. Introducing yet-to-be-contextualized pieces throughout a story in moderation is really healthy for it I think, but when that is the vast majority if not entirety of what you lead with it makes your narrative nigh incomprehensible and does the opposite of entice a reader. I've realized that this is.. pretty much exactly what I've done with ohau for years at this point (ˉ▽ˉ;)...

  Just saying that a story is really big and interconnected and cool isn't really as exciting or interesting as actually learning things as they're meant to be told. A lot of the time I've found myself frustrated that I've given out very curious bits and pieces of the story and no one seems interested or even has any questions, when in reality no one really has a reason to even Know what to ask, or what any of it means to begin with, since I've never actually given out a basic explanation of where the story starts and how it progresses from there. It has about the same meaning as saying "I love you" to a stranger, or something like that. It's a nice sentiment and all but it doesn't really mean anything when they don't know you at all... who you are, what you stand for, what what you say should mean to them. You're just kind of giving people information that is nice at face value, but then they have information that they don't really know what to do with, so there's not much incentive to give it meaning more than giving it meaning at all.

  I don't know exactly how I'm going to go about sharing ohau prior to writing the book because of this besides making a sturdy timeline of events , but maybe thats for the better ?? I think its a good realization to have ! esp with the recent developments with the premise that make it more to-the-point and easy to both understand and expand upon in a natural way. I'm excited about it I think keeping this in mind will help me make better decisions as a writer in the future and by proxy i can be a lot less frustrated with my audience.

- Kyu; I'm a little restless to be honest and I'm not sure what to do about it but this is severely cool to me