Hello hello! It is me ! The Burns. I meant to make my next entry Ages Ago but I have been a bit out of it, safe to say. However! I have no shortage of fun sweets and treats to bring you this time! Getting to work on OHAU again has been a bit slow but very fruitful nonetheless :-) I'm having fun and it feels nice to be able to integrate new ideas over time again. It's like one big mystery puzzle that I have to solve within my own mind. Luckily, I happen to love puzzles.


  I WAS SUPPOSED to make an entry about this after I made it, especially since it would've been fresh in my mind. I did not and for that I am sorry. However! I think this is definitely my most.... in-story video for ohau to date. Most videos are framed in an abstract or otherwise distanced way, but this takes more of a literal viewpoint within the events. I first heard the little bit of this song and instantly exploded. And then i heard it when it released and instantly exploded. Thus I spent the next two weeks on this animal. I'm very very proud of it and I still am in love with how the animation turned out, athough it is quite scratchy and makeshift. I was doing what I could! I've never done an animation this long in my life, so it felt super rewarding to actually see it to completion! Usually I don't possess the motivation required for something full-length when it comes to framebyframe, let alone cleaned up and colored, and I had been getting really comfortable with making loose sketchy animations, so I wanted to see if that comfort would carry me all the way through. Hopefully I can make more videos like it in the future, it's a big milesotne for me for certain :-)

  Originally, with how spaced and empty the initial scenes are, I was going to write the lyrics. I ultimately decided against it because I didn't think it would pan out with how the composition ended up going further along, but I think it gives it a nice effect, like the world builds up a little more the further it goes, evident of the depth that the story reaches for as it goes on. Generally I wanted to make something that tackles Mel and Beau's arc together head-on, so I got to touch on some much fresher additions to the narrative ! Everything with them up to this point has been rather Implied, more or less. I've never gotten to make a full-fledged video about them specifically, and what they go through, especially to this extent. Since their journey together is one of OHAU's primary focuses, I'm always trying to spiff it up and add new things to it, so I hope in the future I can make more on the topic. I used to make a lot of artwork for it, so I may have to make a return to form.


  Okay so that entire last section was from 6/29/2023 actually sorry. I started writing an entry and then never ended up finishing but I don't want to just delete everything I wrote. It's been. 5 months. Whoops. But hey! We're doing this now. („ಡωಡ„)

  Despite my inactivity, there's been a lot of work going on actually! I'm just really bad at actually making updates because I have so much to say. The short version is that the entire premise has changed. Not irreparably or unrecognizeably so, but I am going to have to update the site's home graphic and the premise presented in the about page. I might update the look of the site a little as well so that individual entires are more easily accessible! They can be their own pages maybe. I think I'm going to have to get rid of the story page as well unfortunately /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ ... I have different plans! I want to write ohau into a book someday I have decided, so I don't really want to be publishing it on the web before then.

  Ohau is now a story quite literally about getting the band back together! All the founding elements are still there, but the whole thing with Mel and Clay going to the resort in the first place and things going on as they do is much more sincere and grounded. I've been wanting to totally overhaul how the story plays out and the overall feel of it for ages and I think this is finally it! It's been more of the same for the past .. 3 years, prior to 2023. So I'm really excited about it! Can you believe it's almost 4 years old now?? I don't know what I'm gonna do for its birthday but I've got to do Something. I can't go too much into the details quite yet since it's all relatively new and still being integrated, and I'm already planning on doing a short video with the updated premise.. Too many things are changing too much for me to really articulate it at the mo, but soon! (I hope.) Look forward to it! Till then I'm gonna see if I can integrate that site update. I'll talk about it tomorrow maybe.

- Burns; So many things have happened since my last update and it's conveying to me that I really need to be more on my toes with this site