HEY!! You know how I said I had some new developments I could discuss? WELL. I AM DOING THAT NOW. MUAHAHAHA. I'm taking a little break from the animation I'm working on to write this so we'll see where it goes. I don't have any one thing in mind for this entry but ey, waddya do,

  I have a fun little thing for you. Stemming from recent developments I have a new and stupider way to quickly summarize ohau.

  > Cannibalistic angels crossbreed with humanity over thousands of years essentially creating a new species that are doomed to literally wither away and die and one of them is so angry about this that she tries to open a portal to heaven to get a cure. This causes several, several, countless, very catastrophic problems.

  If you couldn't infer, that's pretty much what the title is relating to. THE ROT, BABEY! EVERYONE HAS IT! Not everyone everyone, but most of them definitely. lol. Adding a lot more to the fact that the concept of paragons is the driving force for the story's existence. I'm honestly really proud of the fact that it's come to affect it so much. My babies are growing up.. snrf...

  I'm not totally sure how to articulate it without being super direct? But it's something to do with how paragons are born that creates this instability within cryptids. They have preventative measures for this particular method of procreation in order to hopefully stave or otherwise eliminate said instability. However, because cryptids don't have access to these measures due to the fact they are born the same way that humans and most animals are, as a species they are almost 100% of the time prone to the rot in some way shape or form. The rot is a catchall term to describe whatever way this instability manifests, since it's specific to corpus and how it can malfunction rather than being a result of natural death and disease.

  The more that we discussed the rot the more that certain things have clicked into place (as they often do. I tend to feel like I'm just learning stuff about ohau rather than making an effort to create it.) It's genuinely such a cool element aghh. In relation to it there's been a little exploration into paragon origin and hierarchy and what exactly their relation to cryptids is beyond simply being their originators. We also looked a little into Dr. Stacy's motivations in regards to that and how it affects his role .. ✍(◔◡◔) Moral ambiguity for the win babey! Everything is questionable and slightly unnerving !!!

  I'm hoping that sooner or later we can sink our teeth more into Doe's place in all this. She's still the main antagonist certainly but I think this is a lot of buildup for what she intends to do + how she responds to her situation, and it'd be nice to go back and recalibrate her and her team to correspond to all this backing stuff that we didn't have before. It's not completely fleshed out ofc but it's enough to make me want to start shifting her back into a more active place in relation to it. The rot as a concept means a lot of things for her mission and thought process and yadda yadda!

  There's also been a bit of thought into how exactly Clover is approaching his place in everything as well... Not very deep thought but thought nonetheless. Somethingsomething, there being more with his devotion to Doe, there being more to how he thinks of the world and his position in her plans. I'm unsure how it will progress but I think Beau's interference with him should have more significance... more of a negative effect than just sort of decomissioning him as far as anyone knows. We shall see!

- Kyu