AGH I MEANT TO MAKE THIS NEXT ENTRY MUCH SOONER! But this animation totally wiped me out. I'm still recovering from it so I apologize if this entry ends up being kinda lackluster hahaha. But I'm excited to talk about it!! oh my gosh!!!

  PEAS AND LOVE BABEY! PEAS AND LOVE ON PLANET EARTH !!!! Way back in early October (on the 4th I believe?) a friend of mine had notified me that Bear Ghost had released .. NEW SONGS. In specific one that they thought fit Mel and Beau very well. Safe to say! I did agree !! I think a lot of my initially listening to peas and love i sat there and stared at the wall with it on loop for about 2 hours or more just imagining. And then proceeded to do that several more times till I finally caved and started on the animatic draft for this.

  Initially I meant to save this to be my video for December since I have another that I've had in the works and meant to do much sooner but... agh!! I couldn't wait !!! `(*>﹏<*)′ It was just too perfect !!! Also the song just slaps most severely. It'll probably be a little bit before I can really get back up on my feet and continue working on my next video but I've got my wisdom tooth extraction coming up this month so it probably won't kill me to relax before then. I'm not excited about the recovery period for that, lol. Gonna try and pivot more onto commission work in the meantime.

  This song is completely and entirely Mel and Beau in every possible way. I know that Peas and Love is about the shallowness of dating but ..!!! ARGHH somethingsomething loving someone unabashedly just for the fact that they are Themself !!! And not reallly needing any other reason !!! It's a bit difficult to explain. I'm not totally sure if it makes sense to say that they love each other as much as they do specifically because of who they are . Maybe that's a completely normal thing to love someone for and I just have no experience with romance . Just the fact that they are people who just so happen to exist and loving the way that they do so.

  Specifically the latter half of peas and love where it gets really aggressive had me in a chokehold (thus was the part i ended up animating.) I haven't gotten many chances to exhibit the part of the snap where how freaking weird and fun their dynamic gets. It sounds like a loving sneer to me. I don't know if I want to get into precisely what I mean by "freaking weird and fun", but I would like to confirm that the situation here is completely mutual. Even in the midst of the extremity of the snap, they're still engaged. They are still in a mutual relationship ! It's just! Really freaking weird !!! and i LOVE IT SO MUCH I WISH I COULD ILLUSTRATE IT MORE !!! It's a little redundant for me to say that any one part of their relationship and their progression together is My Favorite because I love all of it so dearly but snap mebo is pretty high up there because of just how weird and bad yet strangely sincere it gets. I think the engagement is only really properly called off post-resort, after they break contact and make a return to square one.

  A lot of the way this song is presented is very Beau to me in general. So I decided . Yknow ? That's him singing the song . New voice claim babey. A lot of the strange and silly phrasing and the way that he speaks (can you believe we're both peas now?!) MINE MINE MINE MINE !!! AGH. Very snap Beau to me. But also just very Beau in general. All around really . Perfectly encapsulates his feelings about + relationship with Mel in a lot of different ways . I'm so so normal about it.

  It's probably confusing for me to say that this is totally Beau AND Mel, since there's no back and forth within this song whatsoever, but I say that in a way that Mel's feelings are mutual. She never really if ever properly voices exactly just how much she thinks of him. At a surface level it might look like Mel is more or less tolerating Beau's craziness about her, but in truth she is just as if not More Insane about him. There's a reason why she's implied to have approached or "haunted" him so much throughout Ghost of Chicago.

  It's also probably a little confusing that there's like. ten thousand different Beaus in this video. I don't know just how canon it is or how logically applicable it would be to the legitimate story. Something about the backing vocals present here instilled a very specific image to me and pulled me back to a dream I had once that he'd exploded into Several Duplicates Of Himself that's just been kind of sitting there in the back of my mind ever since. I think the image of him sneezing and telling himself "bless you" is extremely funny.

  If this does end up being canon (as the logistics to his night form are structured in a very particular way that it might just be possible. It wouldn't be an infinite kind of power but in theory it might be something he's capable of if the thought crossed him) it would be more of a fun theoretical rather than something conventionally applied within canon. Think of them more like an extension of himself rather than legitimate, free-thinking clones. Like puppets almost I want to say. Same guy, same brain, same thoughts, just moving several different appendages independently of each other. Either way I think having to animate SO MANY of him totally knocked the wind out of me. I'm plastered onto the floor and everything. I also wanted to animate a few little ones crossing the screen to emphasize the fact that there are in fact Kazoos in this song (the fact that Bear Ghost managed to make kazoos into an aggressive instrument has me completely enraptured) but unfortunately it would have made the visuals too cluttered 💔 In spirit there's a peanut gallery of Beaus manning the kazoos

  Anyway I had a lot of fun with this !!! There's no real lore to it besides conveying the themes and atmosphere to a very particular facet of the story. Peas and love on planet earth.

- Kyu; side note, the slide whistles meant I couldn't do anything except have Beau chuck Mel into the air for every single time that they play