❀ More site updates


  I did a BUNCH of site graphics today! + I updated the soon-to-be characters tab to be animated, so it's more fun to look at :-) I also drew some silly things of Gale in church this morning. I'm still wondering about if she should be an only child or maintain her small litter of siblings. It's not that important, just something I'm wondering about. I also made a doofy little mascot. Behold! It's Sunnieside herself! I based her off of my vague remembrance of the profile picture I'd made for that one UcLo ask blog I created and never did anything meaningful with.

  Side note, I adore marquees and I want to make a gif to put in one so badly. Maybe for page titles? I'll think of something eventually. I want to put a bunch of silly animated things all over this place!!

- Kyu