I'M A COUPLE DAYS LATE BUT HEY!!! UcLo turns 3 years old this year!!! my fat little toddler is growing up :-) I didn't have time to make an update about it day-of because I was visiting my grandparents. Nonetheless !!! Here I am !!! :-D And I come bearing gifts !!!

  I MADE A BIRTHDAY VID!!! It is a recreation of the very first video I'd made for the story (12/11/2019) and in spirit of that first video I've made it right when we've got.. not a great deal of the story going just yet, beyond the basics. I'm very proud!! I'm very pleased!!! :-) I think I did a really wonderful job.

  Aside that, more minor developments! I have decided to start going with a 1920s-50s clothing style for (most of) the characters, if I can help it, because I think the fashion stylization of those periods is very pretty. There's no more of that.. weird element with Beau's ex (just removed it from the equation entirely since it's been such a non-factor in the story for so long.) Also! I think that ascention into paragonhood should be even further capitalized on within arc 3. Everyone gets to have crazy stupid things happen to their bodies. Good and bad both. I think it'll be really cool :-) Hopefully I'll have some major developments soon but increments are good too! Quality of life changes

- Kyu, I'm going to eat some of my leftover tuna casserole as a treat. It's Friday and I deserve it.